Bitch, breathe!

#31 Can we change our dating patterns?

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Lemme guess, you met a new guy/gal and they seem perfect, everything feels so familiar and happy and, wait, where have I seen this before? Why are they saying that, this reminds me of.., oh, crap, this is exactly like what my ex…and the ex before that and…you get the picture. What can we do when we keep running into the same stumbling blocks (or blokes or blondes) and we're just so exhausted from the analysis and soul searching we've already done. Why does this keep happening to us! "Bitch, breathe!" to the rescue! Here are some tried and true ways to shift our focus, gently and doably, so we can start dating in a more conscious and healthy way, or, if nothing else, make some new mistakes for a change! Enjoy and get oh-so-romantic after this one.


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